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January 05, 2012
Google Indexes AJAX And Javascript Comments
By Sarah Lokitis
If you use the Facebook Comment Box for your website, your readers' content may now affect your Google PageRank. This is big news because Google is indexing the AJAX or JavaScript code on your website, which previously wasn't picked up by search engines. SEOs may reconsider their earlier advice to avoid these services as indexed comments will provide fresh content appeasing Google's algorithm changes, such as query deserves freshness (QDF).

Near the end of 2011, Google began indexing Facebook comments posted on third-party websites. This means Google is beginning to index AJAX and JavaScript content, which previously would not appear in SERPs. Now that comments are being crawled and ranked in Google search results, the bells and whistles (and easier user participation) that Javascript and AJAX offers can be utilized.

As the Matt Cutts' tweet below explains, Google is now getting better at seeing the content behind more of your AJAX or Javascript code. The potential for this trend to continue is great and those AJAX or Javascript based websites may get more opportunities for their content to be indexed. We will just have to wait and see.

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